Best 6 Burner Gas Grills for Heavy-Duty Residential Grilling

The more burners you have on your grill, the more you’ll be able to cook, and the less time you’ll waste on preheating. But, if you’re eyeing one of the best 6 burner gas grills, you’ll notice that there’s more to these grilling mammoths than just the burner count.

This type of grill can come with tons of features, specialty burners, more cooking space than you’ll ever need, and more. Check out my favorite picks in this category to see what I mean.

The Best 6 Burner Gas Grills

The Performance 650 is a liquid propane grill with six main burners, each capable of generating up to 10,000BTU. On the left side, this bad boy also has a side burner of equal power. You can use this one to cook side dishes, sauces, marinades, etc. Because it has a lid, you can also use it as a shelf if you don’t turn on the burner.

One of the best things about the 650 model is heat tents. They help with even heat distribution and allow for maximum temperature control.

I also like that of the six main burners, one of them is a searing burner. That means that it heats up faster and has a more aggressive directional heat output. Therefore, it’s the best spot on the cooking surface to get char marks and a perfect sear.

The cooking surface totals 650 square inches, and that should be enough for up to 30 burgers. The swing-away rack also offers up to 280 square inches of cooking space for low-temperature toasting or indirect heat cooking.

  • Dedicated searing burner
  • Check Circle
    Side-loaded 10,000BTU burner
  • Check Circle
    Durable build
  • Check Circle
    High-end temperature control
  • You may run into inconsistent packaging

The Weber Summit has been a crowd favorite for a very long time. It has six burners, a side burner, a dedicated searing station, and a smoker burner. The Summit E-670 is one of the most versatile large outdoor gas grills.

Its primary burners boast a combined maximum of 60,800BTU per hour, and the grill gives you the main cooking surface of 769 square inches. It also features an infrared rotisserie burner in the back that can generate up to 10,600BTU per hour.

Whether it’s grilling skewers, burgers, or cooking birds, there’s not a lot that the E-670 can’t tackle. It’s also super easy to clean because of its slide-in angled trays and flavorizer bars. Also, everything features ceramic coating for added convenience and heat retention.

I also like the Grill Out handle, which can illuminate your grill at night. It’s an automatic design that only lights up when you raise the lid. Because the E-670 can burn through your fuel tank fast, the grill also comes with a fuel gauge to let you know where you stand.

This unit is a beast in terms of power, storage space, cooking space, and versatility. But, all these premium features also come with a premium price tag.

  • Dedicated searing and rotisserie burners
  • Check Circle
    High-end drip grease management
  • Check Circle
    Smoker burner
  • Check Circle
    Enclosed two-door cabinet
  • Check Circle
    Nighttime lighting
  • Might be too big and expensive for some people

If you’re all about big heaters and loads of cooking power, then the maximum 71,000BTU output of the Royal Gourmet SG6002 grill may be just what you need. This model comes with a set of five 10,000BTU burners as well as an extra hot 12,000BTU searing burner.

For even more versatility, a side-loaded 9,000BTU burner is also available. You can use it to prepare side dishes and avoid taking trips to the stove. Also, you can leave it with the lid on and use the shelf for prepping and storage.

In terms of cooking real estate, you have a total of 802 square inches at your disposal. That also takes into account the surface of the warming rack.

One of the best design features is the heavy-duty lid. The double layering helps seal in the heat and also makes the thermometer give better readings. The rest of the grill is not as sturdy, but this is one of the cheaper models in this size category.

I like the use of tube-style burners. Even though they don’t have a coating, the even heat distribution should compensate for the extra amount of cleaning you’ll have to do.

  • Coated cast iron cooking grates
  • Check Circle
    Dedicated side burner and searing burner
  • Check Circle
    Tube-style burners
  • Check Circle
    802 square inches of cooking space
  • Somewhat flimsy build, except for the lid

You can hear people say many good things about Napoleon grills. The LEX 485 is one of their most popular models, not just for its sheer size and power but also for its wide array of high-end features.

With the LEX 485 grill, you gain access to 815 square inches of cooking space, as well as a maximum output of 74,000BTU per hour. One of its defining features is the unique waved grill grate pattern, which creates the signature char marks and gives even searing.

The grill also features a side searing station with an infrared burner for that extra boost in power. I also like that you can use both sides as shelves since the searing station is lidded. I also love that this grill comes with a built-in ice bucket.

To take things further into the premium range, the LEX 485 also has a superior ignition system. Finally, you’ll also get LED nighttime lighting around the control knobs.

What’s even better is the fact that the grill has a rotisserie burner too. However, you don’t get the necessary accessories in the standard package.

  • Can easily reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Check Circle
    Powerful IR side burner
  • Check Circle
    LED lighting
  • Check Circle
    Massive grilling surface
  • Check Circle
    Built-in ice bucket and ample storage
  • Cooking at lower temperatures can be problematic

The Regal XLS Pro is one of the most massive residential gas grills. Although it’s a six-burner model, this grill provides over 1,000 square inches of cooking space. It even comes with two cook boxes.

This design allows for more grilling versatility. You’ll be able to cook different dishes at the same time, without worrying about maintaining the optimum temperature.

Another cool feature is the use of reversible cooking grates. The cast-iron grids are reversible so that you can let your food baste itself, or drip for extra flavor infusion.

Both the cast iron and stainless steel grids are thick and heat up fast. Longevity and performance are not issues in the cooking grids department, as expected from a Broil King model.

Surprisingly, the Regal XLS Pro only generates a maximum combined power of 60,000BTU per hour. But in reality, the grill gets probably hotter than it should. That’s thanks to the heavy-duty fireboxes and lids which do a great job of retaining heat and dispersing it evenly.

  • Side burner and rotisserie burner included
  • Check Circle
    Nighttime control lights
  • Check Circle
    Two cooking boxes
  • Check Circle
    Over 1,000 square inches total cooking surface
  • Cast iron grates are only available for the smaller cooking box

If you’re looking for six burners, but you can’t shop in the premium section, here’s some good news. Not all big grills are expensive. The Megamaster 720-0983 gas grill is a perfect example of balancing features to get maximum usable space at a lower price tag.

The six main burners can generate up to 54,000BTU per hour. That should be more than enough to cover the 543 square inches of the primary cooking surface and the additional 210 square inches from the warming rack.

The burners have porcelain flame tamers that help keep things clean as well as disperse the heat more evenly. All the grates and the warming rack have porcelain coatings for added convenience.

I’m a fan of the cart-style design as it gives this large grill some mobility but without compromising its stability. Another thing I like is the ample shelf space on each side. That said, the lower price tag does come with minor drawbacks. Mainly, you get fixed oversized shelves and no dedicated searing station.

  • Oversized shelves for prep work
  • Check Circle
    Massive total grilling surface
  • Check Circle
    Ideal for cooking at lower temperatures
  • Check Circle
    Protected burners and even heat distribution
  • No dedicated searing burner

Natural gas models are becoming more and more popular each year. And, if you plan on going this route, then you should at least look for one of the best options on the market. The Weber Genesis II E-610 Is there for those looking to hook up the grill to the natural gas main.

It offers 770 square inches of primary cooking space as well as an extra-large tuck-away warming rack. Equipped with Weber’s signature Infinity ignition system, flavorizer bars, and the Gs4 grilling system, the E-610 is tough to beat.

The 60,000BTU output is more than enough for anything you want to grill. Given enough preheating time, the E-610 can also do some good searing, even though it lacks a dedicated searing station.

Of course, what sets this one apart is what sets most Weber grills apart. That’s the optimized grease management system that keeps everything clean while also infusing every ounce of flavor into your food.

  • Weber flavorizer bars
  • Check Circle
    Superior grease management
  • Check Circle
    Up to 60,000BTU per hour
  • Check Circle
    Side-mounted burner included
  • Comes with additional installation costs

Liquid Propane or Natural Gas Grills?

Neither type of grill is inherently better than the other. What it comes down to is a matter of convenience and availability. If you live in a remote area, chances are you won’t be able to connect your grill to a natural gas main.

That said, when it comes to massive grills, a natural gas connection is sometimes preferable. If you plan on using all your burners and cooking for long periods, then chances are you’ll burn through your propane tanks fast.

Dedicated Burners

Dedicated or specialty burners are among essential things on any grill, be it a six or a three-burner model. A searing burner or searing station is, however, not mandatory if your burners are powerful enough.

That said, having access to one takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. That’s because a searing burner is guaranteed to generate more BTUs per hour, and is likely also closer to the cooking grate.

I also like grills that come with a rotisserie burner and infrared burners. This type of combo can pretty much render your oven useless for the entire summer.

You should also learn to distinguish between side burners and side searing stations. Searing stations will always feature a grilling grate, similar to the one on your main cooking surface, whereas regular side burners look like stove burners.

Manage Your Cooking Surface Expectations

Just because six-burner gas grills can be huge, it doesn’t mean that the usable cooking surface will be as massive. Some manufacturers use smaller grates to compensate for less powerful burners.

Others make their grates very big so that the grill can cater to a yard full of guests. It is nice to have tons of room for burgers, steaks, veggies, skewers, and other food. But, it’s best not to go overboard if you’re not sure the burners can provide even heat distribution.

Dual Cooking Boxes

That’s something you’re unlikely to find in smaller grills, and I’m not counting the gas/charcoal hybrid models. What double cooking boxes allow you to do is perfectly sear different meats at their optimal temperature, without having to open the lid all the time.

I recommend looking into this type of grill if you often cook three or four types of meats at the same time. With one of these, you won’t be losing too much heat while getting the perfect results across the board.

Sometimes You Want to Go Big or Go Home

It’s hard to say if anyone genuinely needs a six-burner grill. But given all the features and perks that larger models seem to come with these days, why not make it your next purchase?

As you can see, there is plenty of premium, as well as affordable options, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice burner count and maximum output. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to grill as much food as you want, in one take.

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