Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills for Serious Outdoor Grilling

If you’re not content with making your steaks in a pan and you want to get the most out of a beautiful day, then there’s nothing better than grilling outside. With one of the best stainless steel gas grills, you can make restaurant-quality dishes for your family and friends.

This category of grills is not just made to last but can also come with an insane array of extra features. They will lessen your workload, help you if you’re inexperienced, and add extra flavor to your food.

My Top 8 Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills

This model is a four-burner cart-style gas grill. Between its stainless steel finish and burners, it shows impressive durability and longevity, as well as style. It can meet the requirements of the most demanding grill masters.

Both the cast iron grilling grates and the grease pan are porcelain-coated to make them easier to clean. That also gives this grill additional rust resistance and an almost non-stick cooking surface. Of course, that’s when you leave enough time to preheat.

The electric ignition system works well and features a simple push-button design. The large 425 square inches cooking surface should be more than enough for large parties. In addition to that, there’s another side burner rated at 10,000BTU that can help you prepare side dishes and sauces simultaneously.

I like that the warming rack is also spacious at 150 square inches and that the built-in temperature gauge helps keep track of how your food is doing. You don’t have to lift open the lid. That should help with heat retention as well as getting that genuine smoky flavor.

The two lockable wheels, stainless steel shelves, and the swing-away design of the warming rack round up the Char-Broil Performance grill nicely.

  • Large cooking surface
  • Check Circle
    Additional cooking surface with a powerful burner
  • Check Circle
    Built-in temperature gauge
  • Check Circle
    Side shelves and warming rack included
  • Not the most straightforward assembly process

If four burners are overkill for you and you want a long-term warranty, then the Weber Genesis II S-335 may be more up your alley. This grill comes with a 10-year warranty and the high-end Gs4 grilling system.

The three-burner design provides ample heat even in the corners of the cooking surface, while also creating three intense heat zones for quick searing. You also get a side burner that you can use to create side dishes or make sauces.

I like the performance of the stainless steel cooking grates. While not the best at preventing the meat from sticking, the 7mm rods have pretty decent heat retention and allow you to cook just about anything.

The lid features a temperature gauge, as it should at this price range. The two-door cabinet is easily accessible and can store all your grilling utensils. An electric ignition system makes the Genesis II S-335 a matchless grilling machine.

What’s perhaps even cooler is that this model has a variation that uses natural gas, should that be a more convenient option for you. Another exciting feature is the iGrill 3 app compatibility, which allows you to monitor the food’s condition from your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the standard price doesn’t cover this thermometer accessory. That said, the built-in temperature gauge does a good job, too, especially given the superior heat retention of the stainless steel lid.

  • Available in liquid propane and natural gas models
  • Check Circle
    Intense heat zones for quick searing
  • Check Circle
    Side burner included
  • Check Circle
    Enclosed storage cabinet
  • The stainless steel grate needs extra maintenance

The Cuisinart CGG-306 is a stainless steel professional tabletop grill. It works on liquid propane tanks, has a compact frame, and provides very intense heat through its two 10,000BTU burners.

Although small and portable, many aspects of the CGG-306 that make it a viable alternative to fixed grills. For one, it’s much faster and easier to assemble. Secondly, it features a top-of-the-line electric ignition system and accurate burner control knobs.

The stainless steel grate is thick and has excellent heat retention, which means you’ll be able to prepare large cuts of meat with this bad boy. You can also take advantage of the two-burner design and use indirect cooking if you want. However, due to the smaller cooking surface, you won’t be able to cook at low temperatures.

The entire grill is stainless steel, including the four folding legs and the carry handle. The cooking surface is 276.75 square inches, and the grille itself is just 21.5” in width and 22” deep. The temperature gauge goes up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features clear range indicators that should help amateur cooks handle specific dishes.

  • Compact and easy to assemble
  • Check Circle
    Integrated thermometer
  • Check Circle
    Two burners with up to 20,000BTU
  • Check Circle
    Can accommodate 20lbs propane tanks
  • The thin lid gets very hot

If you’re looking for an affordable stainless steel grill, the Megamaster 820-0033M may be the one for you. It’s not the tiniest as it boasts a 200 square inches cooking surface. It’s also a powerful model, boasting a combined 16,000BTU off two burners.

It will require assembly on your part, but given its small frame, it won’t take too long. The push and turn ignition system is not the most durable on the market. However, the components are high-end and will quickly ignite the burners for a decent amount of time.

I like that this grill not only comes with a carry handle on the lid but also locking latches to keep it secure during transport. The downside is that the stainless steel sheets used to make the grill are somewhat thin.

That helps reduce weight, but it also means the grill’s wall will get exceptionally hot while cooking. So, extra care will be required when handling it.

The cooking grate has a decent thickness, which will help with heat retention and even distribution. Two flame tamers further help with heat distribution. Therefore, you won’t have as many hotspots and cold spots as in larger models.

  • Professional finish
  • Check Circle
    Simple to use push and turn ignition system
  • Check Circle
    Up to 16,000BTU
  • Check Circle
    Flame tamers for even heat distribution
  • No built-in thermometer

If you plan on cooking for big gatherings, then perhaps a big grill may be suitable for you. The Napoleon LEX 485 has six burners, a cooking surface of 815 square inches, and a massive total output of 74,000BTU.

This unit also comes with infrared cooking technology, which is another big plus in my book. The side infrared burners are ideal for heating the grilling grate very fast. The back infrared burner will allow you to use a rotisserie accessory and evenly cook massive cuts of meat or whole birds.

I also like the wavy grates. This cooking grid design is synonymous with the Napoleon cooking equipment, and it’s not just for show either. It allows for much more even heat distribution and cooking.

Another neat feature is the i-Glow backlight. It will allow you to grill into late hours of the night safely by shining a light on your food and temperature settings. The best thing about it is that it needs no additional equipment.

Between the rugged construction, smooth finish, glow-in-the-dark features, and intense heat output, the Napoleon LEX 485 is hands down a grilling beast. Now, if it’s worth the premium price for a small family or less experienced cooks, that’s hard to say. It can last a lifetime, but it requires some experience and confidence to use appropriately.

  • Six burners
  • Check Circle
    Infrared cooking
  • Check Circle
    Wavy cooking grates
  • Check Circle
    I-Glow control knobs
  • Can be expensive and difficult to use for some people

The Monument Grills 17842 model is a medium to large stainless steel propane gas grill. It features four burners under the main cooking surface and an additional side burner that you can use for side dishes, sauces, and anything else you might need.

The cooking surface is 513.3 square inches, without counting the side grate. That should be more than enough to make a dish for an entire party in one go. Fast preheating time will make sure your guests don’t have to wait for too long.

Among the more exciting features, you’ll notice angled flame tamers. These should prevent flare-ups and improve heat distribution. The grill also boasts accurate temperature control knobs and a built-in temperature gauge.

One of the features that I like the most is the use of cast-iron grates instead of stainless steel grates. I find that these have superior heat retention and that food rarely sticks to them. That’s especially true if they have high-quality porcelain coating.

Although midrange priced, this grill also comes with eight years warranty on the burners, a rugged body, and a rotisserie kit. These are nice perks and quite expensive accessories — the rotisserie kit alone ads plenty of cooking versatility once you master it.

  • Rotisserie kit included
  • Check Circle
    Five burners
  • Check Circle
    Large cooking surface
  • Check Circle
    Patented high-end Monument burners
  • The wheel locks are sometimes faulty

If you’re an experienced grill master, home cook, or professional chef, then the Broil King Regal S590 five-burner propane grill might interest you. This large grill has a cooking surface of 625 square inches as well as a 10,000BTU side burner.

This model has an additional 15,000BTU burner mounted in the rear. You can use this along with a rotisserie kit to expand your range of dishes.

I also like the 9mm cooking grate. Although made of stainless steel, the rods are thick and very durable and are excellent at retaining heat. That’s why I recommend doing some indirect cooking on this grill too.

If you like grilling late at night, the LED control knobs will help out by providing precise monitoring over your cooking settings.

The dual-tube burner design is innovative and unique to Broil King. By providing two rows of flame, the heat gets distributed more evenly, and you get a more fuel-efficient performance. I also like the Flav-R-Wave drippings management system.

It takes care of drippings to prevent flare-ups, burning food, and burning yourself while you’re turning things on the grate. At the same time, the Flav-R-Wave system infuses the vaporized drippings into your dishes so that not one ounce of flavor gets lost in the process.

  • Patended two-tube burners
  • Check Circle
    Side and back burners included
  • Check Circle
    Thick 9mm cooking grates
  • Check Circle
    Flav-R-Wave drip vaporizer system
  • It may take a few hours to assemble it

Boasting a cooking surface of 580 square inches and around 48,800BTU in total, the Summit S-470 is one of Weber’s bestselling liquid propane grills. It features four stainless steel burners and a searing station burner on the side.

On top of that, it also has an infrared rotisserie burner mounted at the back, as well as a unique burner ignition system called Snap-Jet. With this system, each one gets a dedicated ignition control, making the grill more energy-efficient and long-lasting.

The built-in temperature gauge is very accurate, and the thick enclosure walls and lid provide superb heat retention. I should also point out that the cooking box is tall and spacious, which means that you can cook whole birds on the rotisserie burner.

Although it boasts a lot of power, the grill works with standard 20lbs liquid propane tanks. It also comes with a fuel gauge and LED lighting so that you can closely monitor your fuel levels. Another main selling point is the thick 9mm diameter of the stainless steel rods on the cooking grate.

  • Weber Flavorizer bars for drip management
  • Check Circle
    Side burner and rear rotisserie burner
  • Check Circle
    Snap Jet ignition system
  • Check Circle
    LED fuel gauge
  • The smoker box could be better

Safety First

Stainless steel gas grills come in various shapes, sizes, and carry many affordable and premium price tags. The pricing can often indicate just how well built a particular model is.

While stainless steel is the premium option, not having enough sheet thickness or cooking grate thickness can lead to some heat-related issues. Thin rods don’t have proper heat retention and are not suitable for indirect heat cooking.

Thin sheet metal will also lack heat retention while also making the exterior of the grill scorching and difficult to handle.

Quality of Life Features

Don’t assume that all grills come with built-in thermometers. Even some of the larger models lack them, although this is much more common in compact tabletop models.

If you don’t want to rely on experience or an external temperature monitor, I suggest you put this feature on the must-have list.

Fuel gauges can be very helpful, too. That’s especially true if you have high-powered burners and a huge grill. Those models tend to burn through propane like crazy if you cook at high temperatures. A fuel gauge will allow you to monitor the tank and always be ready for your BBQ parties.

Another feature that I like, though I don’t find it particularly mandatory, is LED lighting. It makes the grill look more stylish, while also making it safer to cook after dark.

Standard or Individual Ignition Systems

A standard electric push button or push and twist ignition can last a few years. But the longevity of the system will often depend on the manufacturer’s experience.

However, there’s something to be said about the newer focalized ignition systems which give each burner a separate ignition. Some models have individual controllers, while some have controls built into the temperature knob.

While it’s true that more things can go wrong with such a system, having individual ignition on each burner will also make your grill safer to use. There can’t be any mistake as to which one is on, and each ignition system has a dedicated lifeline, too.

Extra Burners

You surely noticed that some grills in this article feature at least one additional burner. These are, of course, not in the same league with the central units under the cooking surface.

Additional burners are either used for smokers, for a rotisserie wheel, or as side burners. They can save you a trip to the stove when you’re grilling outside and entertaining at the same time.

Each one has its advantages. And, while neither is mandatory, I think that it’s a shame not to opt for at least a searing side burner.

It adds versatility and saves time when you’re cooking for large parties. It’s especially convenient when you’re making complicated dishes.

Burner BTU Ratings and Heating in General

The higher the BTU ratings, the faster you’re able to cook your food. Of course, this also means that you can burn through your fuel at a much faster pace. But, when cooking outside and using a large cooking surface, the more burners you have, the better.

Having extra burners can shave precious minutes during the preheating process. And, they can also help you get even heat distribution.

But, having tons of burners is not always the most desirable thing. Some burner designs are inherently better. Dual-tube designs and U-shaped burners are superior to the standard models. Finally, infrared heating technology can dramatically shorten the time the grill needs to reach the working temperature.

Stainless Steel Grills Are Built to Last and Perform

When you’re buying a stainless steel grill, you’re not just getting something that looks pretty, but also something that can endure rough weather conditions. Keep in mind that what’s under the hood is just as important, if not more than what’s on the exterior.

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